Happy Thanksgiving Canada. We had a dinner last night with some Canadian friends but cheated a little bit. There was no turkey involved. Instead M. cooked up some mean Indian dishes... and I baked an apple pie! Unfortunately in the frenzy of it all I forgot to take photos. The best part is that M. managed to make paneer from scratch when we came home around 2am on Saturday evening. I was awestruck.

I ended up buying these shoes at this shop on the weekend. I have either slip-ons or boots and needed something in between for the coming winter weather.

On Saturday I crossed the huge job of replanting our window boxes off of my list of things to do. I even managed to save a dying fern that our cat had been slowly eating. I have to admit I felt like I had super powers on Saturday and don't remember ever getting so much stuff done in one day. We even had a friend stop by for a quick one night stay and I managed to get some crazy cleaning done before he arrived. I plan to do these crazy cleanings with much more frequency in the future.

Here is a really nice blog that I came across while reading this really nice blog.

It's raining here in Berlin.

Happy Monday.

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