Another taste of Norway.

Here are some more photos from Norway... we took a train trip to Flåm, through Myrdal, and then took a boat trip back to Bergen. It was beautiful!!

I'll be posting some more photos from Norway over the next couple of days.

If you want to get away from it all in Berlin take a boating trip in Tiergarten by Cafe am Neuen See. Just go into the cafe and tell them that you want to rent a rowboat (Rudderboot in german).


From Norway with love.

The photos above are from our trip to Norway a couple of weeks back. The first day we were there we spent a glorious day hiking in the mountains around Bergen. The landscape really reminded me of Vancouver... without all the glass buildings. Hopefully by next week I'll be caught up with my picture posting. I'm waiting to finish a couple rolls of film that have lots of Norway shots... with some luck I'll get them developed next week!

This week I've been trying to think of authentic berlin things to do with some of our visitors and ended up taking a trip to berlinomat. It's a store on Frankfurter Allee that houses beautiful designer items made in Berlin! They even have a cafe with local coffee and a small menu of snacks.

Yesterday we went to CFA to squeeze in the Daniel Richter show before it closes on August 1st. If you haven't seen it yet you should stop by... the show has an interesting twist.


Catch up time.

I'm back from Amsterdam now and need to catch up on posting some photos. Here are some more from Vienna... later this week I'll post some from Norway and Amsterdam!

A cute design-y shop in Amsterdam that I've been making an effort to visit every time i'm there is called the frozen fountain. I bought this there.


Around we go.

I've been bedridden over the past week... but now I'm almost back to perfect health! I'm off to Amsterdam for the weekend with a couple of lady friends. The above photos are belated from my trip to Vienna. Last weekend we were in Bergen, Norway visiting two really sweet Canadian friends of ours. I'll post some of our Norway photos over the next couple of days.

I noticed today that Guy Maddin's My Winnipeg is playing in Kreuzberg tonight at the Regenbogenkino with live music. The magical film is definitely worth a viewing. We saw the premiere of My Winnipeg at the Toronto Film Festival a couple of years ago and Guy Maddin narrated it live. What a treat.


time for a change...

I'm off today to get a much needed haircut at Pony Club. I've never been there before so I'm hoping for someone that isn't too set on their own vision and takes ahold of mine.

We just got back from Vienna on the weekend and it was a lovely city... we had great weather. i was there in 2000 and forgot almost everything about the city. There is a great show at the Museum Postsparkasse right now.

My main goal was to sit in as many beautiful Viennese Cafés as possible. I managed to hit a few but not as many as I had hoped for. We had a great dinner to piano music at the glorious Café Central.

I'll post a few photos of the city this week when I get around to sorting through my pictures!!



ah Berlin... it's been beautiful out the past couple of days. Warm but not too hot... yesterday I went on an adventure with a friend to Reinickendorf to find the grave of an uncle that died while her family was fleeing the country in the 1940's. It was a super peaceful cemetery... and a touching experience.

A lovely artist book that I've come across recently is by Anu Tuominen, a finish artist. Also on Finland, check out Under the Influence, a magazine based in Vancouver.

We're going to Vienna tomorrow for the rest of the week so I'll be lazy on the posting. But I'll post some fun pictures when i get back!

Until next week.


Marketing again.

I'm at Trendmafia again today.So if you're in Berlin you should stop by and say hi! I finally have my shops up and running. If you are in North America you can find my shop here... and if you are in Europe you can find my shop here.

I'll post some photos of my goods early next week!

Some more photos from Praha above.


Trudging along.

I've been busy getting ready for Trendmafia this coming Saturday. I will be making a few new goodies for my Louis by Amanda line... and will be getting my online shop going by the end of this week. The most difficult part of getting my shop up and running is putting the shop policies together... I am not a fan of the administrative stuff.

We've just bought ping pong paddles and I've been itching to get out and use one of the many public tables in Berlin. You can find where tables are around the city here.

There is a new show up at the New National Gallery in Berlin that I'm really looking forward to, picture dreams.

Leonard Cohen is playing in Berlin tonight which reminds me that I completely forgot that it was Canada Day yesterday... happy belated Canada Day everyone!

More Praha.