From Norway with love.

The photos above are from our trip to Norway a couple of weeks back. The first day we were there we spent a glorious day hiking in the mountains around Bergen. The landscape really reminded me of Vancouver... without all the glass buildings. Hopefully by next week I'll be caught up with my picture posting. I'm waiting to finish a couple rolls of film that have lots of Norway shots... with some luck I'll get them developed next week!

This week I've been trying to think of authentic berlin things to do with some of our visitors and ended up taking a trip to berlinomat. It's a store on Frankfurter Allee that houses beautiful designer items made in Berlin! They even have a cafe with local coffee and a small menu of snacks.

Yesterday we went to CFA to squeeze in the Daniel Richter show before it closes on August 1st. If you haven't seen it yet you should stop by... the show has an interesting twist.

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