kitty time.

In the theme of cat love, I have a few of my favourites to add. The bag will be our diaper bag, and M. picked up the Katzenzungen chocolates last week when I was having a down day. Can you believe that they are called "cat tongues"?! I've also ordered this sweet 2011 calendar from fieldguided.

I've been spending the last couple of days knitting, which I haven't done in a long time. I'm trying to get some Christmas presents finished and mailed off so I don't have to worry about them reaching their final destination in time. This has left little time for going out and enjoying city life in Berlin.

Here are two beautiful blogs that I'm finding some new-found inspiration from.

Journal de Jour
Belle Fleur de Lis which I found via Make it Easy

Today, I might end up taking a spontaneous trip to a museum... we'll see if the sun pokes out from behind those clouds.

Happy Sunday.



This is definitely the time for them. Today we had our second snowfall of the season, in Berlin. It was beautiful waking up and seeing snow on the roofs. Too bad it didn't stay on the ground though. I usually love snow up until the middle of January!

Here are a few things that I've knit over the years. I just learned to crochet this year, thanks to my friend Becky. I cut my teeth on the baby blanket pictured at the top, and I have to say that I'm fairly pleased with the results. I had an enormous blue ball of yarn that was salvaged from my Grandmother's house after she passed away. I finished the white scarf last winter, and even though I love it, didn't end up wearing it too often because it's just not thick enough for my taste. I finished the bulky grey cowl the first fall that we were in Berlin. I love love love it and still wear it all the time.

I've been searching for easy to knit baby clothes patterns and will hopefully get started on some cute little pants with feet in them over the next couple of weeks. Until then I'll be a living, breathing Christmas present factory.

Happy Friday.


Around the house.

That's all I've had time for photo-wise these days. I have three rolls of film that I shot over the past month or so but haven't had time to stop and get them developed. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of that first thing on Monday. I'm looking forward to the surprises that await me!

Fall is really upon us and winter is fast approaching. All the signs are here. I've been drinking endless cups of tea. The gloves and scarves have been pulled out and won't be going back into storage for a long time. I've been devouring clementines like crazy!

Things are not slowing down here as I anticipated. I've been pretty busy with work, but all of that will end at the beginning of December. Then I'll just be busy running around the house organizing, cleaning, and organizing some more.

This week was a really nice week. I finally went to Hamburger Bahnhof to see Carsten Höller's Soma exhibition. And couldn't believe that there were real life reindeer included in the show. I'm not much of a zoo person, but these animals looked happy and well cared for. I'll probably go back in the next couple of weeks to see it again. It's possible to book an overnight stay in the museum and become part of the exhibition. I haven't checked out how expensive it is but you can see what I'm talking about here.

After a hearty breakfast of warm Milchreis this morning, today will be a day of keeping cozy in front of the sewing machine. I'll post more on some of my projects this week.

Happy Sunday.



We're really trying to force the sun into our lives these days. It has continued to be pretty grey in Berlin... except for today! It's a beautiful warm day outside. We have all the heaters off, and the windows open!

We went to the New National Gallery yesterday to see the Willem de Rooji exhibition... I'd really recommend it. Today we popped by the Bauhaus Archive... it was my first visit, and admission was free, so it was pretty packed. I have to confess that I'm a total Bauhaus junkie... I especially love the weavers.

Some fun things that I got up to this week...

*went to a huge asian market that's just on the outskirts of central Berlin... had some pretty tasty, cheap pho in Halle 1. Thanks Missus D for the recommendation!
*celebrated a friend's birthday at a lovely restaurant in Prenzlauer Berg... Frau Mittenmang. Delicious and simple.
*had dinner with friends at Joseph Roth Diele... an old Berlin institution on Potsdamerstr. Nice and relaxing atmosphere.

Next week I'm planning on going to see a few of the current shows at Hamburger Bahnhof and I'm also looking forward to having a nice tea and cake break at Sarah Wiener, my favourite cafe in Berlin. Mmmmm.

Happy Sunday.


Speaking of Markets.

Here are some photos of the printing demonstration that I did for Missy Magazine at Hello Handmade a couple of weeks ago. It was a really nice market and I was pretty happy to be a part of it in some capacity.

You can check out the Missy website for more photos.

Happy Thursday.



It's been pretty grey in Berlin the past couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to some autumn sunshine... I'm not sure when that'll come our way though. Things are finally starting to slow down here, well, for the time being. Here's some recent photos around the house.

So here are some highlights from the last few weeks. The Hello Handmade market in Hamburg was really exciting. There were so many talented vendors there... really nice quality goods. I unfortunately didn't get enough time to look around. I'm very jealous about the Little Winter market that just took place in Portland. I think it would be my ideal market. I might have spent way too much money there though.

Our friend Henrik's band played a really nice show last night at Superplan in Berlin.

I'm looking forward to going to the László Moholy-Nagy show at Martin Gropius Bau.

I haven't been able to make it out to so many evening events these days. I'm just too beat by sun down. This week is going to be filled with meeting friends that I haven't seen for ages! I'm also excited to get caught up with blogland news and see what some of my favourite bloggers have been up to!

Happy Monday. I hope the sun is shining where you are.