Oh stuff.

Haven't had much time around here lately. I've been on the job hunt, and have been lucky enough to come up with a bit of work. Not a whole lot though. I'm hoping that work hours will magically grow over the coming weeks!

We've gone to a few events that are noteworthy as well.

Managed to finally get to the Bauhaus exhibit and plan to go back for more. There are actually a couple of exhibits that are going on related to Bauhaus.

Ended up going to a play at HAU which luckily is right across the street from us. The production company has an interesting approach to their plays in that they employ actual people to tell their stories relating to the theme of the play. Always very interesting and a little heartbreaking.

Spent a lovely girls night with a friend at Altes Europa in Mitte.

In other news things have been going really slow in the production department of Louis by Amanda but I think that it will pick up again when I'm all settled into working... and not just looking for work. Here is a seat cushion that I'm intending to put into my shop in the near future. You can also check out my other shop here.

Happy saturday.



I'm not sure if any of you out there even look at my flickr photos but I just uploaded a ton of photos from the past month... and in no particular order. Sorry for the confusion, especially if I've tagged you as one of my friends. It just had to be done. Here are some more photos from our trip to Munich and Liechtenstein.


... makes the heart grow fonder, no? I have been a bad bad girl at updating here. It's been a crazy few weeks and I've hardly had the time to keep up with my correspondence. It's job hunting time and it's really consumed me.

We have managed to get out and have a little fun... what have we been doing? We went out for drinks with some friends this weekend, ended up seeing some Canadian Musician in Berlin at Studio Upstream in Weißensee (I wanted to link it but can't find their website). It was the first time that I have seen Kim Barlow and Veda Hille. I have to say that it was well worth the 45 minute bike ride to get to the show. Such lovely and talented ladies! I was a little overwhelmed with feelings of being Canadian which probably heightened the experience for me. You see I've been a little homesick lately and I think that it has to do with missing the fall weather back home. It's my favourite time of year and it's just not the same in Berlin. That said, it's been really nice getting a little taste of home here.

Last night we went to a small private bar where our friend Michelle was DJing. Usually I don't go out so late on a weeknight but fall is calling for a lot of social activity and I intend not to disappoint.

I have not yet made it to the Bauhaus exhibition but will hopefully do that soon... like this weekend. Last week I did manage to get to the Pergamon Museum for a couple of hours and check out the amazing Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate. Usually I'm not so into this stuff but they are just so huge and amazing... and the museum provides lots of space for you to sit in huge sunlit rooms to just take it all in. It's a very nice experience.

This week I'm going to try and stop by the Altes Museum (Ancient and Egyptian artifacts) because I have a pass and it's worth it to see absolutely everything I can. I have to start making it a weekly ritual again. Oh Berlin, why do you have such amazing museums. Share them with the rest of the world... especially Toronto!

Ok I've managed to write too much again. Happy Tuesday.


Tidying and travels.

This week we've been busy with tying up some loose ends around here so I haven't had much time to post about our trip last week. The week just seemed to fly by.

It's been a nice quiet weekend in though and we've managed to cross some stuff off of our list of things to do around the house. I made some french toast this morning for breakfast. I love it when I have time for such luxuries on the weekend. Whew. So nice. And I've managed to make some headway on a scarf that I've been lazily working on for the past year. I was inspired by this in January... but the yarn that I've chosen is super thin and I've made the pattern twice as wide so it's taking a bit of time (and I put it down for about 7 months). Maybe it will be done in time for the cool weather this fall/winter.

So to round up our Liechtenstein visit... we got a lot of beautiful crisp weather there which was perfect for us to try to continue our jogging ritual. Let me tell you that there is always something beautiful to look at with mountains on every side of you. It can make one feel a little closed in though. Nonetheless here are some shots from our trip.

Highlight (as always) was the show at the Kunstmuseum in Vaduz. It really blows me away that we've never really seen a bad show there. We saw the tail end of the Christian Boltanski show, which I was happy to be able to catch. The current show looks interesting but I'm not sure if we'll be back in time to see it.

We also ended up catching a stream of cows that were travelling down into the valley from a summer grazing up in the mountains. I guess the cows travel slowly into the valley from all the surrounding alps over the entire weekend. The sheer size of the cowbells were amazing and the sound throughout Vaduz town center was pretty loud. It reminded me of a film that we saw at Berlinale (the berlin film festival)last year, Sweet Grass. If you have a chance to see it I would highly recommend it.

Happy Sunday. If I'm lucky tomorrow I'll post some more random photos from our trip.


Time for change

So I've taken a pretty long hiatus... well I think that it's been about a week or so since I've posted anything. We just got back from the southern part of Germany a few days ago and have been all wound up. You can really feel fall in the air which really means time for a change. I still can't shake that old feeling of getting all excited to go back to school... a new fresh year.

Instead of going back to school though I'm on the job hunt. It's getting serious. Someone... please give this girl a job!

Here are some photos from Munich. Such a lovely city. We unfortunately spent a lot of time at a fabric trade show. It was pretty exciting to see all the new collections, but we did spend some beautiful days inside and didn't get to do too many of the touristy things on our list. I should add though that Liberty has some really great prints coming out next fall so keep and eye out for them.

Some things to look out for in Munich if you're headed there.

Kopfeck - really great German style vegetarian food. The atmosphere is a little rocker but the food was delicious. It's maybe better to sit outside if a table is available and the weather good.

Prinz Myschkin - a vegetarian restaurant with delicious fake meat dishes... and tons of other stuff. It's a little pricey but not too over the top.

Thomas Schütte exhibition at Haus der Kunst

Museum Brandhorst - We didn't see the show although it looked in part interesting. We had already spent too much time walking around and were too tired. We just enjoyed some cake and coffee in the cafe and took a look around the museum shop.

the MUJI is HUGE and we spent a little too much time there sifting through the sales racks.

Funf Höfe - an interesting building probably built by the same architect that designed the Olympic Stadium in Beijing. It's worth a walk-through. Plus it houses MUJI.

theatiner filmkunst kino - a lovely little old lady was sitting in the ticket booth at this movie theater. I felt like I was in the 40s. The theater was pretty small but absolutely beautiful. A strange thing though... it was raining earlier and a girl a few rows in front of us decided to take her pants off and hang them on the side paneling to dry. strange no? (pictured above)

Allois Dallmayr Bistro Café. This is also a great place to pick up nice little gifts. They have tons of beautiful little bottles of liquers, confiture, teas, coffee... and more.

So I think that's enough for today. I'll post some of our Liechtenstein highlights tomorrow.

Happy Thursday.