Oh stuff.

Haven't had much time around here lately. I've been on the job hunt, and have been lucky enough to come up with a bit of work. Not a whole lot though. I'm hoping that work hours will magically grow over the coming weeks!

We've gone to a few events that are noteworthy as well.

Managed to finally get to the Bauhaus exhibit and plan to go back for more. There are actually a couple of exhibits that are going on related to Bauhaus.

Ended up going to a play at HAU which luckily is right across the street from us. The production company has an interesting approach to their plays in that they employ actual people to tell their stories relating to the theme of the play. Always very interesting and a little heartbreaking.

Spent a lovely girls night with a friend at Altes Europa in Mitte.

In other news things have been going really slow in the production department of Louis by Amanda but I think that it will pick up again when I'm all settled into working... and not just looking for work. Here is a seat cushion that I'm intending to put into my shop in the near future. You can also check out my other shop here.

Happy saturday.

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