It's been busy yet quiet around here. We're slowly getting ready for the holidays and have a lot of making on the go. I spent the better part of Sunday baking cookies with some friends. I pulled out M's copy of Tiptopf and picked out a few swiss classics to try out, like Spitzbuben and Mailänderli. Aside from all the holiday cheer around, the days are getting darker, I always find it difficult adjusting... missing Canada where there is already periodic bouts of snow, with it's warm sunny reflection!

The dark cold evenings give me a good excuse to stay in and get cozy with one of about a million projects that I have going on. I'm attempting to knit a Christmas dress for P from this great book that M found for me at a flea market awhile back. I've been working on a couple of Christmas presents and have just been doing some repair work on a few favourite but hopelessly worn out pieces of clothing.

I really want to go and see the Helen Mirra show at KW... anyone feel like joining me?!

Happy Thursday.


Wow I seem to have blinked and November is already over. I guess we've been busy visiting some flea markets, buying up estate sale sewing supplies, making stuff, hanging out at home, watching our little baby grow, reading lots of books, enduring the shorter days, cooking a lot, dreaming of new projects to start up, doing lots of laundry, eating cake and going to see shows.

There are a few christmas bazaars going on around the city and I might try to pop into one in the neighbourhood tomorrow (at Zossener and Blücherstr. in the afternoon).

Happy Friday.


We've had the perfect fall weather this weekend in Berlin. I've been doing lots of housework and organizing, and today I managed to get out to a flea market that I'd never been to before. My friend K. suggested that we go, and it was a hit.

Hope you've had a nice weekend.

Happy Sunday.


We spent a lot of time this week walking around Berlin. I have so many ideas in my head these days of new activities to do, and new projects to start, but I still have to finish off some old projects. My brain is getting ahead of my hands.

We had a visitor this week. A friend that we haven't seen in over a year. She brought us beautiful lilies. Thanks L! It was great to see you again.

We're off to Martin-Gropius-Bau today but I'm not sure what exhibition we'll see. There is so much going on there right now. I'm thinking either the Hokusai exhibition or the Ai Weiwei in New York photo show.

Happy Saturday.


I had a quiet day at home today and then took a little walk to get a bit of fresh air. We picked some wildflowers and then walked through a new park near our house.

Happy Saturday.