I spent the day Saturday making dill pickles with D., and then met some friends at Schlachtensee in the south of Berlin. It's my new favourite place to go swimming!

Happy Monday.


We've been canning up a storm here! On Saturday D. is coming over and we're making dill pickles.

Happy Thursday. And Happy Birthday to my love!


P. and I had a museum visit marathon last week. We ended up going back to Hamburger Bahnhof to look at Live to Tape, a video exhibition, and the Horst Ademeit, Secret Universe show. I'd like to visit the Horst Ademeit show once more, P. got a little cranky so we just breezed through it.

We also went out to Köpenick for the first time to see the palace, which is part of the state museum network in Berlin housing some of the handmade pieces such as furniture, jewelry and porcelain. The show there was interesting for me, but I wouldn't recommend it unless you're into that sort of thing. Nonetheless it was a nice day trip out of the city center. The atmosphere in the old city of Köpenick is great, it's surrounded by water and marinas. I want to go back one day when the weather is nice and take a spin on the paddle boats.

At the end of the week we met up with our friend K. to take a peek at the Buchstaben Museum (Museum of Letters), which was hidden in an old GDR mall near Alexander Platz. It's really small but filled with remnants of beautiful old signage, and only costs 2.50 Euros to get in!

I'm off today to search for some dill weed for pickling. We've been pickling up a storm here, but want to take it to the next level... more on that later this week.

Happy Tuesday.


It's sad, I'm almost exclusively taking photos with my cell phone these days. The problem is lugging our camera around with a baby. It's just not so practical. I do on the other hand use a 35mm Agfa that a friend gave us last year. It's such great little camera, a true design classic. I'm just a little slow on getting the photos developed.

It's been never ending rain in Berlin. I managed last week to catch the Richard Long show at Hamburger Bahnhof on the very last day. Some friends of ours from Toronto are in town for a month! I'm excited for some fun adventures with them.

Happy Friday.