Some photos from the summer for those of you who want to remember warmer times.

We've been reveling in being back in Canada and have had a lovely few days with family. Now it's time for us to visit with friends back in Toronto. The festivities begin with a party this evening... and then we'll probably have a few packed days of pure indulgence.

Last week I finally got to stop by Robber and bought a few items for myself. Merry Christmas to me. I got a beautiful dace dress and a steven alan sweater... and they feel oh so good to wear. I was a little disappointed in seeing these product shots... they both look much better on the rack... and on me!

We have no real plans for the next week... well just a few here and there. We're enjoying being back and unfortunately we've been doing too much enjoying and I've forgotten to take photos with our digital camera. I'll have to wait and post some photos when I get the medium format film developed.

Happy Saturday... and wishing you all happy holidays.


sicky sick sick

I know... I seem to be posting this a lot lately. We arrived back in Canada about four days ago and have been battling illness ever since. Hopefully we'll be able to put a healthy foot forward tomorrow and get out of the house. We're having internet connection difficulties with our computers so I'm posting from my parents... hence no photos. I scanned a bunch of old gems last week though so there are more to come in the near near future!

We did manage to pop into Toronto on Friday to see some friends that are skipping town for the holidays.

Some things that I'm looking forward to doing this week... or maybe after Christmas:

*checking out the beautiful clothing store Robber in Toronto. I've been hearing about it in blog-land and am intrigued.

*going out for some coffee with friends at a few of my favourite Toronto coffee shops like the Common and ella's uncle, and I can't wait to get to Arabesque for some delicious middle eastern food.

*getting our hair cut next week at Barberella on Dundas.

*hmmm.... also been thinking about checking out hen house while we're in town.

Yesterday we went to the Old Mill in Etobicoke for the Sunday brunch buffet with my Aunt and Uncle and all I have to say is that it is decadent. If you haven't had the chance get down there.

Happy Monday... keep your fingers crossed that we'll get healthy soon.



Random medium format photos from 2009 (secret stasi prison berlin, ruegen island, norway, ireland)

It's been busy busy over here and probably will be until at least Thurs... that's when we fly back to Canada for a glorious three weeks.

Today I finally picked up a few rolls of film that I had been saving up to get developed. There are even photos from some of our summer trips.

Here's a lovely advent calendar/blog... a new drawing every day.

Happy Tuesday.


The last couple of days I've been sick sick sick. I did manage however to get some new items in my shops... if you're so inclined take a peek here or here.

I'm at Trendmafia all afternoon today so if you're in Berlin you should pop by and say hello. Other than that we might be going to an opening tonight at Exile... bonus that it's near our place!

Happy Saturday.



Oh what a rainy weekend we had in Berlin. We were at Trendmafia the entire weekend... and will be there again next weekend! If you're in Berlin you should come by to say hi!

The inactivity in the city continues... I've been getting ready for Christmas and thinking about what we're going to need to do before our trip back to Canada. Ok that's not entirely true. Last night we went to see the Ravonettes at Lido... and this coming Thursday we'll be going to Bang Bang Club to see Lightning Dust. I have to tell you I was too tired to go out last night and almost skipped seeing the Ravonettes for the second time (it's crazy because I already had a ticket). I ended up dragging myself out of the house and was so happy when I got there. They really blew me away. What a great show!

I'm off to another Christmas party tonight...

Happy Tuesday.


My mornings.

A morning sky from last week.

A morning view from my u-bahn station.

Just wanted to give you a peek of my early morning routine... I love how everything is so quiet when I leave the house. It's only getting darker outside though.

We received a sweet package from a friend in Canada yesterday. Thanks M. if you're reading!! It makes my day to get little surprises like that. I need to send more stuff out and return the love.

We're also sending good vibes to our friends Veda, Justin and Anders who just moved back to Vancouver. Hope you guys are settling in well! We miss you already.

Happy Thursday.


New goods.

Just put some new goods in my shops. Now I'm off to work on more stuff. We're getting ready for our visit back to Canada... it's coming so fast I can hardly believe it. We only have 16 more days to go!

Take a peek at my shop here or here.

Happy Tuesday.



Photo courtesy of Broken Fab.

M. sent me this link earlier today. So lovely I had to share.

A week. A blur of a week.

last week was a total blur. I had thought of posting many times but there just wasn't enough exciting activity going on around here to do so. I've just been working really hard to pull some products together for an upcoming christmas market.... it's Trendmafia time again!

In other news we did manage to do some fun things... last night we went to HAU 2 to see Hauschka and Max Richter play. It was a really beautiful and relaxed show, plus it was just across the street from our place... who could say no.

I went to a work christmas party last weekend, but other than that spent most of the weekend printing some of my new patterns... which I will reveal later this week. Also did a little baking. Friends of ours had a small going away party and the apple strüdel was my contribution.

Happy Monday folks.


lazy sunday.

Some people photos from Ireland.

Ah Sunday night. I am waiting to take an Apple Strüdel out of the oven. Nothing this weekend was too notable. I got a lot of stuff done around the house, especially today on this grey Berlin day. I thought I'd post a few more photos from Ireland... some action shots.

We had a little coffee break yesterday with friends, went to see the Informant, organized our office today, ... and worked a little bit. I should report that the Informant was pretty funny but also pretty forgettable. I guess I just didn't feel much of a connection with the characters.

I tried my first Gimlet yesterday. Lovely. After years of not being much of a Gin-lover it has won me over.

It's also Christmas Market time here in Germany. I'm looking forward to getting a bit of Christmas cheer and mulled wine. My favourite market last year was Gendarmen Markt... but I also thought that the Potsdamer Platz Markt was nice. It was so close to our place. I liked how it ran along the streets, sort of like a maze of little wooden booths. Hmmm.

Happy Sunday night.


Yes folks. I've actually put two new items in my Etsy shop. I've been feeling inspired over the last couple of weeks. I would probably have way more stuff in my shops if I had an assistant to take photos for me. We haven't had much good light in our apartment lately and paired with our very old digital camera it makes it hard to get quality photos. Have you noticed that most of my photos are taken outdoors? I haven't yet added them to my DaWanda shop but will do shortly.

Our lovely friend Veda Hille is playing tonight and I think that it is her last show in Berlin for the year. If you have a chance go to Lagari and check it out. She's oh so entertaining and has such a beautiful voice. I guarantee that you will leave smiling.

In other news I did end up going to the Etsy Meet-up... and met some very nice people. I'll post more on that later!

Happy Thursday.


A package to go.

We still have tons of apples left from our trip to the orchard a few weeks ago. So last week I baked an apple pie to take over to a friends place. I'm thinking of making some applesauce next week if they can hold out long enough. It's amazing how long apples last when you pick them fresh off the trees!

There's an Etsy Meet-up tonight in Berlin at Café Morgenland. I'm thinking of going but I have so much to do that I might have to skip it.

If you're reading this from Berlin... you should check out the new Mr. Minsch location ( a cafe selling the most beautiful cakes I think I have ever seen). It's right at Hallesches Tor and oh so cute. It's right across from the Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek. The new locations seems super cozy. I've yet to pop in. Word has it that the tiny building used to be a public restroom. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that. Nonetheless... I'll be heading there soon!

Happy Wednesday.


Dublin days.

Here are some photos from our trip to Dublin. It was my first trip to Ireland and our lovely friends were really the best hosts that we could have asked for. Just like us, we spent a large chunk of our time in the sweetest little restaurant that I have experienced since being in Europe. It really reminded me of something that I would find in North America. If you're in Dublin I would highly suggest seeking out The Cake Cafe. It is tucked away behind a stationary shop but can also be accessed off of an alleyway in the back.

On our first day there we chanced upon a great show at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. There was a Japanese country kimono show hidden in a small room of the gallery. We also saw the oldest book in the world, the Book of Kells.

We took a trip out to Wickelow to see the Powerscourt waterfall. And popped into a little antique shop in Enniskerry.

Back in Dublin we did one of the obligatory things that one must do while in Ireland. We drank Guinness at a few pubs. I have to add that I was very happy to be taught the proper way to drink Guinness... now I have a greater appreciation for the beer! One noteworthy pub was the Long Hall. We also stopped by the Curved St. Cafe which is worth checking out if you're in town.

The rest of the trip is a bit of a blur... we just spent a lot of time walking around and hanging out with our friends, who by the way we hadn't seen in 3 years... and who by the way are amazing!

Happy Tuesday.


A return to normalcy.

Top photo Circus at Anhalterbahnhof, middle photo Wooden Veil at Alte Kindl Brauerei, bottom photo Home from Ireland.

Sorry once again for the long absence. I really shouldn't make it a habit, should I? I have a pretty good excuse though. We were visiting two lovely friends of ours in Ireland last week. To be fair we got back about a week ago but it always feels like such a huge job to take the photos from my camera and get them post-ready. This is the real reason for my delay... I also have a roll of medium format film that I need to get developed. I'm so excited to see how the photos turned out.

Some highlights from the past week:

We went to see a wooden veil show at the Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln. It was a beautiful show held in a beautiful space.

I shared a table with a friend at the Sideseeing Designers Market this weekend.

I finally got a chance to check out Cafe Einstein on Unter den Linden. It has a really nice austrian atmosphere where the servers are clad in crisp bow-tied uniforms.

In additional news...one of my favourite Toronto shops, Wildhagen, has a bunch of new hats for offer. I'm getting excited for our trip home so I can pop by!