A package to go.

We still have tons of apples left from our trip to the orchard a few weeks ago. So last week I baked an apple pie to take over to a friends place. I'm thinking of making some applesauce next week if they can hold out long enough. It's amazing how long apples last when you pick them fresh off the trees!

There's an Etsy Meet-up tonight in Berlin at Café Morgenland. I'm thinking of going but I have so much to do that I might have to skip it.

If you're reading this from Berlin... you should check out the new Mr. Minsch location ( a cafe selling the most beautiful cakes I think I have ever seen). It's right at Hallesches Tor and oh so cute. It's right across from the Amerika-Gedenk-Bibliothek. The new locations seems super cozy. I've yet to pop in. Word has it that the tiny building used to be a public restroom. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned that. Nonetheless... I'll be heading there soon!

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Nice that you made it to the etsy meeting;)
    I didn't even know that Mr. Minsch moved away from my street to Hallesches Tor. Where exactly is it now? Greetings, Saskia from RETROKINDER

  2. Hi Saskia, it was nice to meet you the other night! I don't think that Mr. Minsch moved away... I think they are just using it the Hallesches Tor space as an "indoor" cafe. It is in the little building right beside the Hallesches Tor U-bahn bridge. You can't miss it!