A week. A blur of a week.

last week was a total blur. I had thought of posting many times but there just wasn't enough exciting activity going on around here to do so. I've just been working really hard to pull some products together for an upcoming christmas market.... it's Trendmafia time again!

In other news we did manage to do some fun things... last night we went to HAU 2 to see Hauschka and Max Richter play. It was a really beautiful and relaxed show, plus it was just across the street from our place... who could say no.

I went to a work christmas party last weekend, but other than that spent most of the weekend printing some of my new patterns... which I will reveal later this week. Also did a little baking. Friends of ours had a small going away party and the apple strüdel was my contribution.

Happy Monday folks.

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