A return to normalcy.

Top photo Circus at Anhalterbahnhof, middle photo Wooden Veil at Alte Kindl Brauerei, bottom photo Home from Ireland.

Sorry once again for the long absence. I really shouldn't make it a habit, should I? I have a pretty good excuse though. We were visiting two lovely friends of ours in Ireland last week. To be fair we got back about a week ago but it always feels like such a huge job to take the photos from my camera and get them post-ready. This is the real reason for my delay... I also have a roll of medium format film that I need to get developed. I'm so excited to see how the photos turned out.

Some highlights from the past week:

We went to see a wooden veil show at the Alte Kindl Brauerei in Neukölln. It was a beautiful show held in a beautiful space.

I shared a table with a friend at the Sideseeing Designers Market this weekend.

I finally got a chance to check out Cafe Einstein on Unter den Linden. It has a really nice austrian atmosphere where the servers are clad in crisp bow-tied uniforms.

In additional news...one of my favourite Toronto shops, Wildhagen, has a bunch of new hats for offer. I'm getting excited for our trip home so I can pop by!

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