Yes folks. I've actually put two new items in my Etsy shop. I've been feeling inspired over the last couple of weeks. I would probably have way more stuff in my shops if I had an assistant to take photos for me. We haven't had much good light in our apartment lately and paired with our very old digital camera it makes it hard to get quality photos. Have you noticed that most of my photos are taken outdoors? I haven't yet added them to my DaWanda shop but will do shortly.

Our lovely friend Veda Hille is playing tonight and I think that it is her last show in Berlin for the year. If you have a chance go to Lagari and check it out. She's oh so entertaining and has such a beautiful voice. I guarantee that you will leave smiling.

In other news I did end up going to the Etsy Meet-up... and met some very nice people. I'll post more on that later!

Happy Thursday.


  1. hey hon, I saw your comment on my blog, thanks so much for liking my whale :) also, I saw we're living in the same city!
    I'll post a picture with the lil' whale around my neck so you can see it's size.

  2. uh...sorry for answering here, but i can't find your e-mail address :)
    I only know two markets, the one in boxhagener platz, and one near the s-bahn tiergarten...I once tried to sell my stuff in boxhagener but the guy who manages the market told me I can only sell second-hand things, not new ones... Is there a place where artisans get to meet and sell their products without being chased?:)