The other day we were walking down a street in our neighbourhood that we don't usually walk down, and we found these great drawings that kids made of their favourite food. It's all very telling.

I'm heading to the Bauhaus Archive on Wednesday morning to see the Benita Koch Otte exhibition.

Happy Monday.


It's flower season. I'm obsessed. I've been getting in the habit of picking wildflowers when I happen upon an empty lot or random flowers along the road or canal. So we'll definitely have lots of flowers around the house for the next little while.

Summer is definitely upon us and we're making a list of all the wonderful things that we can do in and around Berlin over the next couple of months. We were planning on taking some trips within Germany and around Europe this summer but I've just quit my job, so money is a bit tight. But summer is hands down the best season to be spending in Berlin so I am not too down about staying here. 

Tonight we're heading over to HBC for the Julia Holter show, and next week I'm going to check out the Diane Arbus exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau.

Happy Thursday.