Happy Canada Day (Yesterday).

throughout my week, random photos

I almost forgot that it was Canada Day yesterday. I was out with an American friend in the morning buying some fabric and while we were waiting to pay I said... Hey Happy Independence Day. And he said... Oh that's on the 4th. Then I realized. Hmm.

The weather has been beautiful in Berlin and I've been finding it very hard to commit to time in front of the computer. Actually I've been avoiding it at all costs. Things may be slow around here for a bit while I soak up this summer weather. We've been spending as much time in parks as possible... along with the rest of the city. I have been hearing that the heat wave will last for 7 weeks! Hooray!

So here are some of my fabric store tips for those that are interested. My favourite is Gebrüder Berger, even though it can get quite frustrating because it is huge and hard to find exactly what you want. I also really like Off Stoff in Graefe Kiez for the cute cotton prints and Frau Tulpe in Prenzlauer Berg. I might start exploring the possibilities of purchasing fabric online. Most of the time I feel like I have to dye my own fabrics to get the colour and texture combinations that I want anyway.

I've been on a massive hiatus from Louis by Amanda. I think it will be like that for awhile. I'm just not feeling it, and want to take more time to experiment a little and make stuff for myself. I'll try to get better at documenting this process.

Last night I met up with my dear friend Christiane to see Precious in an open air film theater (Kreuzberg Freuluftkino). I love outdoor movie theaters in the summer. For me such activities are the epitome of summer fun and I can never seem to get enough. For info on all the outdoor movie theaters in Berlin go here.

Happy Friday.

Ps. I have all these great pictures of parks on my new phone but can't seem to get them off and on to my computer. Yet another reason for delays in my posting. Back to the old camera!


A Sunday at home.

I just puttered around the house today and did some things that I've been thinking about for awhile.

Re-potted a rapidly growing house plant

Planted some seeds to grow seedlings that will eventually fill up my window box garden

Made some homemade Iced Tea with lots of citrus-y goodness

Caught up on blog reading

Made some vegetable soup from scratch and baked some bread to go with it

Most of the day has been cloudy and grey here. On days like this I feel happy to be staying inside.

I've been drooling over some lovely items on the Bird and Banner blog... especially these pin cushions. Also caught wind of the Hansel from Basel sale via Bekväm and ordered myself some cozy tights for those cool summer nights.

Happy Sunday.



Sorry for my longer than ever absence. We were on holidays... then I had to make a quick and somewhat secret trip back to Canada. I have thousands of photos from our trip that I need to sift through... this has also been a large part of the reason why I've put off posting.

I have lots of changes coming up which I'll divulge at a later date.

Happy Tuesday.