A Sunday at home.

I just puttered around the house today and did some things that I've been thinking about for awhile.

Re-potted a rapidly growing house plant

Planted some seeds to grow seedlings that will eventually fill up my window box garden

Made some homemade Iced Tea with lots of citrus-y goodness

Caught up on blog reading

Made some vegetable soup from scratch and baked some bread to go with it

Most of the day has been cloudy and grey here. On days like this I feel happy to be staying inside.

I've been drooling over some lovely items on the Bird and Banner blog... especially these pin cushions. Also caught wind of the Hansel from Basel sale via Bekväm and ordered myself some cozy tights for those cool summer nights.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Hi A!

    Just discovered your lovely blog through M's website.
    I didn't know you made such beautiful things- your scraves are so pretty.

    Glad to hear you were finally able to satisfy your iced tea craving.

    I've been making my own Apfelschorle since we've been back. Don't think I'll ever be able to kick the habit.;)

    Until soon,

  2. Hi.

    I just found you through daily outfitting, and I love your blog. I just had to comment on your adorable kitty - s/he could be a twin of my cat Elvis, right down to the white spot on the belly:


  3. Hey M!! Nice that you found me here. Glad you got a chance to check out COS! I thought you might like it. Keep the Apfelschorle alive... I'll need that kick when we come back for a visit. Hope we get to see more of you guys soon. xo

  4. Hey Diane,
    That's so crazy. My kitty is a boy, Louis. Is your cat completely crazy too? Maybe they are long lost brothers? Thanks for the link, and am happy that you like my blog!

    a. xo

  5. Yayyy I saw your kitty!!! What a gorgeous one it is! :) xo

  6. Aw thanks Bianca... He's a little crazy but you can come and visit him whenever you feel a kitty craving!! Hope to see you soon! xo