Back at it.

I ended up getting back from Prague a couple of days ago. I have to say that I was completely shocked at how expensive the city became since I had been there last. It might possibly be one of the most touristy cities in Europe. It was definitely enjoyable once we managed to get away from the crowded touristy areas... here are some highlights.

New York Times has some interesting travel tips... we ended up finding our hotel through a reader comment. It's definitely worth checking out as an alternative to the trustworthy travel guides... and may suggest some of those less packed places.

When we travel we don't bother trying to pack in all the attractions, instead I like to walk around, sit in cafés and just generally relax. We did end up going to the Mucha Museum. In the past I have had a bit of a love affair with Alphonse Mucha and it was renewed with this visit. Art Noveau is just everywhere in the city. Lovely!


away we go.

I'm off to Prague for a few days... will post some more goodies when I get back.

Not sure if everyone already knows about this place but one of our new little favourite spots (when the weather is nice) is the Pratergarten in Prenzlauerberg. The Prater Gaststätte beside the biergarten serves a legendary schnitzel.


Rain rain go away.

I was selling some of my stuff at the white market today in Berlin and we got rained out. When we got back down to Kreuzberg the sun was shining and the streets were totally dry. Maybe next time...

I did end up buying this really cute little guy (pictured above) from one of the other vendors, aitch.

I'm off to see the John Heartfield show at the Berlinische Gallerie now!


found along the way.

On the go.

We've been really lucky to have lots of visitors from home this summer... and the fun won't end until sometime in August. Yesterday we got out to do one of my favourite activities in Berlin... well it's not exactly in Berlin. We took our bikes to Potsdam and rode around the old town and Sanssouci Park.

It was a beautiful day... and lovely to pretend that I was on vacation. I could have eaten ice cream all day.

I'm really excited to see the John Heartfield show at the Berlinische Gallerie sometime in the next few weeks.

While a friend was visiting us last week she ended up doing this free walking tour of the city. I've heard a few people say that they were pretty impressed with it so i might give it a try myself sometime.

happy weekend!


Behind the opera house

I was biking around town yesterday and came across these interesting little treasures behind the state opera house (bottom and middle photo). Then we made a rash decision to go and see Carmen at the Deutsche Oper tonight.

I came across another Sasek book that was reissued this very month... this way to the moon!

have a great day!



I sold some of my goods at the mauer park fleamarket in berlin yesterday... met some lovely people and found out about a new handmade goods market in the city this summer, the white market.

trendmafia is also another great market for handmade goods in berlin.


My first hello!

There are so many inspiring blogs out there right now which have inspired me to partake in the action, and I thought that this would be a good way to share some of the interesting things I see in my everyday life as well as share some experiences with friends and family around the world and others who may be interested. How's that for a really long first sentence?

Berlin is an exceptionally beautiful city with a lot of ugliness interspersed which always makes things interesting. It's finally summer here, meaning there are tons of opportunities for outdoor activities. Some tips...

There's a great show at Pool Gallery right now, and a number of outdoor theaters around town.