It's definitely springtime here. The weather is beautiful and we're spending as much time as possible outside... which means not much work is getting done. Oh well. We've just been spending lots of time biking around town and hanging out at Biergartens and with friends. Regardless of all this time spent outside the house, I've made some headway on my first knitting machine project. Photos to come shortly!

This week I'd like to get to the Gerhard Richter show at Neue National Galerie and the Christopher Roth show at Esther Schipper.

Happy Monday.


I've been trying to hang around the house more lately... just to get some work done on a few of my projects. This new spring weather is making it very hard though.

I ended up picking up a few new pieces of clothing for the upcoming season, from Robber (in Toronto) and from Elfinger, a tiny store in Kreuzberg with a wonderful selection of clothing for women and children.

Happy Sunday.