The weather in Berlin got very cold and blustery suddenly, which made me think of a nice long weekend trip that we took to the Baltic Sea, to a little town in Poland, that the Germans call Misdroy. We spent a lot of time sleeping, wandering around and eating cake.

Apparently the W-Z on the cake stands for the polish word for highway, and I was told that it was very popular to eat in the late 80's and early 90's.

Happy Sunday.


Here I am again, after a long pause. I've been wanting to post for weeks now, but have had trouble finding the time lately. Things are crazy busy around our household and there are no signs of our lives slowing down. I just need to learn how to balance everything better.

After taking two months off work this summer I've started working again, and volunteering, and I'm still trying to socialize regularly and have time for family while trying to crank out as much handmade stuff as I can. I've been feeling very overwhelmed and am hoping that I'll find my rhythm soon so that it all falls into place effortlessly. Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm not willing to cut anything from my list of things to do. The result is that the blogging falls by the wayside. I'm hoping that I'll also find a way to fit this into the routine and post at least once or twice a week on a regular basis.

I've been knitting in full force lately and hope to have a couple of sweaters finished before the really cold weather hits in December. We've been holding off putting our heat on, I think, mostly because we're in denial that winter is on its way. Even more reason to add some new sweaters to the wardrobe.

Our lovely friends at The Wardens Today did a very sweet post about me a few weeks back. I wish that I was on top of it to thank them earlier!

Happy Sunday.


I've been knitting and sewing up a storm lately... so much so, that I haven't had the energy to do any blog posts. I'm getting ready for the upcoming fall/winter season, and have been trying over the past couple of years, to buy as little new clothing as possible, and to make as much as possible. I guess like many crafters out there, I have an enormous stash of wool and fabrics that I want to start whittling down. This was the impetus for this personal challenge of mine. I'm happy to say that I've managed to only purchase 7 new pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes this year.  I don't know how to gauge this though... what do most people buy in a year?

On a sad note, one of our very dear friends is leaving Berlin tomorrow for bigger and better opportunities, and she will be sadly missed. I'm looking forward to your first visit back B, I hope that it's before the year's end!

Some recommendable things going on in the city:

Lesen Lounge - our friend Leah has a great collection of zines that she wants to share with you, so pay her a visit ( she also got some great press here)
KW - Wael Shawky exhibition
CFA - KIDS show
Etsy labs - Workshop to make a really nice, inexpensive, versatile piece of furniture

I would also like to make it out to the Reading room *, a project of Do you read me?! on Potsdamerstr. sometime next week... anyone up to joining me?

* Which reminds me... M has an artist book at the Reading Room, a totally separate project in Berlin, run by two artists here. I also want to check this out sometime... any takers?

Happy Thursday.


The other day we were walking down a street in our neighbourhood that we don't usually walk down, and we found these great drawings that kids made of their favourite food. It's all very telling.

I'm heading to the Bauhaus Archive on Wednesday morning to see the Benita Koch Otte exhibition.

Happy Monday.


It's flower season. I'm obsessed. I've been getting in the habit of picking wildflowers when I happen upon an empty lot or random flowers along the road or canal. So we'll definitely have lots of flowers around the house for the next little while.

Summer is definitely upon us and we're making a list of all the wonderful things that we can do in and around Berlin over the next couple of months. We were planning on taking some trips within Germany and around Europe this summer but I've just quit my job, so money is a bit tight. But summer is hands down the best season to be spending in Berlin so I am not too down about staying here. 

Tonight we're heading over to HBC for the Julia Holter show, and next week I'm going to check out the Diane Arbus exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau.

Happy Thursday.


Hello out there. Nothing especially exciting has been going on these days. Here is a selection of old photos from my phone that I completely forgot about over the past month or so. It's the second long weekend in a row in Berlin! Yeah!

The weather is beautiful and we've been spending the weekend doing spring cleaning and running errands, we'll take a break soon and pop by a flea market, though. It's so hard not to spend the whole day outside with this beautiful weather.

M. is moving into his studio space at the end of this weekend. I'm looking forward to a little bit of the clutter in our apartment disappearing.

Happy Sunday.