I've been knitting and sewing up a storm lately... so much so, that I haven't had the energy to do any blog posts. I'm getting ready for the upcoming fall/winter season, and have been trying over the past couple of years, to buy as little new clothing as possible, and to make as much as possible. I guess like many crafters out there, I have an enormous stash of wool and fabrics that I want to start whittling down. This was the impetus for this personal challenge of mine. I'm happy to say that I've managed to only purchase 7 new pieces of clothing and two pairs of shoes this year.  I don't know how to gauge this though... what do most people buy in a year?

On a sad note, one of our very dear friends is leaving Berlin tomorrow for bigger and better opportunities, and she will be sadly missed. I'm looking forward to your first visit back B, I hope that it's before the year's end!

Some recommendable things going on in the city:

Lesen Lounge - our friend Leah has a great collection of zines that she wants to share with you, so pay her a visit ( she also got some great press here)
KW - Wael Shawky exhibition
CFA - KIDS show
Etsy labs - Workshop to make a really nice, inexpensive, versatile piece of furniture

I would also like to make it out to the Reading room *, a project of Do you read me?! on Potsdamerstr. sometime next week... anyone up to joining me?

* Which reminds me... M has an artist book at the Reading Room, a totally separate project in Berlin, run by two artists here. I also want to check this out sometime... any takers?

Happy Thursday.

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