It's been busy yet quiet around here. We're slowly getting ready for the holidays and have a lot of making on the go. I spent the better part of Sunday baking cookies with some friends. I pulled out M's copy of Tiptopf and picked out a few swiss classics to try out, like Spitzbuben and Mailänderli. Aside from all the holiday cheer around, the days are getting darker, I always find it difficult adjusting... missing Canada where there is already periodic bouts of snow, with it's warm sunny reflection!

The dark cold evenings give me a good excuse to stay in and get cozy with one of about a million projects that I have going on. I'm attempting to knit a Christmas dress for P from this great book that M found for me at a flea market awhile back. I've been working on a couple of Christmas presents and have just been doing some repair work on a few favourite but hopelessly worn out pieces of clothing.

I really want to go and see the Helen Mirra show at KW... anyone feel like joining me?!

Happy Thursday.