Dublin days.

Here are some photos from our trip to Dublin. It was my first trip to Ireland and our lovely friends were really the best hosts that we could have asked for. Just like us, we spent a large chunk of our time in the sweetest little restaurant that I have experienced since being in Europe. It really reminded me of something that I would find in North America. If you're in Dublin I would highly suggest seeking out The Cake Cafe. It is tucked away behind a stationary shop but can also be accessed off of an alleyway in the back.

On our first day there we chanced upon a great show at the Douglas Hyde Gallery. There was a Japanese country kimono show hidden in a small room of the gallery. We also saw the oldest book in the world, the Book of Kells.

We took a trip out to Wickelow to see the Powerscourt waterfall. And popped into a little antique shop in Enniskerry.

Back in Dublin we did one of the obligatory things that one must do while in Ireland. We drank Guinness at a few pubs. I have to add that I was very happy to be taught the proper way to drink Guinness... now I have a greater appreciation for the beer! One noteworthy pub was the Long Hall. We also stopped by the Curved St. Cafe which is worth checking out if you're in town.

The rest of the trip is a bit of a blur... we just spent a lot of time walking around and hanging out with our friends, who by the way we hadn't seen in 3 years... and who by the way are amazing!

Happy Tuesday.


  1. It was a ton of fun... but would be much more fun if the whole gang was there!

  2. Aw thanks guys! I have some more photos that Gary and Gemma are actually in, and I'll post in the coming days.