Some photos from the summer for those of you who want to remember warmer times.

We've been reveling in being back in Canada and have had a lovely few days with family. Now it's time for us to visit with friends back in Toronto. The festivities begin with a party this evening... and then we'll probably have a few packed days of pure indulgence.

Last week I finally got to stop by Robber and bought a few items for myself. Merry Christmas to me. I got a beautiful dace dress and a steven alan sweater... and they feel oh so good to wear. I was a little disappointed in seeing these product shots... they both look much better on the rack... and on me!

We have no real plans for the next week... well just a few here and there. We're enjoying being back and unfortunately we've been doing too much enjoying and I've forgotten to take photos with our digital camera. I'll have to wait and post some photos when I get the medium format film developed.

Happy Saturday... and wishing you all happy holidays.


  1. Oh! I love that Dace dress. I tried it on yesterday. So nice! Welcome back!

  2. i have to say i've been getting complements on that dress left right and center. i could wear it every day!