Tidying and travels.

This week we've been busy with tying up some loose ends around here so I haven't had much time to post about our trip last week. The week just seemed to fly by.

It's been a nice quiet weekend in though and we've managed to cross some stuff off of our list of things to do around the house. I made some french toast this morning for breakfast. I love it when I have time for such luxuries on the weekend. Whew. So nice. And I've managed to make some headway on a scarf that I've been lazily working on for the past year. I was inspired by this in January... but the yarn that I've chosen is super thin and I've made the pattern twice as wide so it's taking a bit of time (and I put it down for about 7 months). Maybe it will be done in time for the cool weather this fall/winter.

So to round up our Liechtenstein visit... we got a lot of beautiful crisp weather there which was perfect for us to try to continue our jogging ritual. Let me tell you that there is always something beautiful to look at with mountains on every side of you. It can make one feel a little closed in though. Nonetheless here are some shots from our trip.

Highlight (as always) was the show at the Kunstmuseum in Vaduz. It really blows me away that we've never really seen a bad show there. We saw the tail end of the Christian Boltanski show, which I was happy to be able to catch. The current show looks interesting but I'm not sure if we'll be back in time to see it.

We also ended up catching a stream of cows that were travelling down into the valley from a summer grazing up in the mountains. I guess the cows travel slowly into the valley from all the surrounding alps over the entire weekend. The sheer size of the cowbells were amazing and the sound throughout Vaduz town center was pretty loud. It reminded me of a film that we saw at Berlinale (the berlin film festival)last year, Sweet Grass. If you have a chance to see it I would highly recommend it.

Happy Sunday. If I'm lucky tomorrow I'll post some more random photos from our trip.


  1. I think I saw that Sweetgrass has (rep theatre) distribution. It's coming to Berlin sometime soon, anyways, for regular screenings.

  2. It's picked straight out of the mother-in-laws garden... and was a real treat!