Around the house.

That's all I've had time for photo-wise these days. I have three rolls of film that I shot over the past month or so but haven't had time to stop and get them developed. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of that first thing on Monday. I'm looking forward to the surprises that await me!

Fall is really upon us and winter is fast approaching. All the signs are here. I've been drinking endless cups of tea. The gloves and scarves have been pulled out and won't be going back into storage for a long time. I've been devouring clementines like crazy!

Things are not slowing down here as I anticipated. I've been pretty busy with work, but all of that will end at the beginning of December. Then I'll just be busy running around the house organizing, cleaning, and organizing some more.

This week was a really nice week. I finally went to Hamburger Bahnhof to see Carsten Höller's Soma exhibition. And couldn't believe that there were real life reindeer included in the show. I'm not much of a zoo person, but these animals looked happy and well cared for. I'll probably go back in the next couple of weeks to see it again. It's possible to book an overnight stay in the museum and become part of the exhibition. I haven't checked out how expensive it is but you can see what I'm talking about here.

After a hearty breakfast of warm Milchreis this morning, today will be a day of keeping cozy in front of the sewing machine. I'll post more on some of my projects this week.

Happy Sunday.


  1. thank you for your visit. The signs are here to : ) many cups of blue berry tea at the moment.
    Enjoy your sunday and make something very pretty on your sewing machine : )

    all the best

  2. hallo Amanda! so nice to hear that you're doing fine, I am ready for some snow now! hope to be able to see you soon somehow!!
    hugs hugs

  3. Your house looks so light and beautiful. Very beautiful !