This is definitely the time for them. Today we had our second snowfall of the season, in Berlin. It was beautiful waking up and seeing snow on the roofs. Too bad it didn't stay on the ground though. I usually love snow up until the middle of January!

Here are a few things that I've knit over the years. I just learned to crochet this year, thanks to my friend Becky. I cut my teeth on the baby blanket pictured at the top, and I have to say that I'm fairly pleased with the results. I had an enormous blue ball of yarn that was salvaged from my Grandmother's house after she passed away. I finished the white scarf last winter, and even though I love it, didn't end up wearing it too often because it's just not thick enough for my taste. I finished the bulky grey cowl the first fall that we were in Berlin. I love love love it and still wear it all the time.

I've been searching for easy to knit baby clothes patterns and will hopefully get started on some cute little pants with feet in them over the next couple of weeks. Until then I'll be a living, breathing Christmas present factory.

Happy Friday.


  1. Hey Amanda! Cute stuff.

    This blog always has the loveliest of posts, including links to patterns for adorable knit & crochet baby sweaters/clothes.


    Hope you're well.


  2. Very nice! I love the snow too - we just had an artic blast that covered Seattle in ice for 3 days. It was crazy! But now back to normal - wet, wet, rain. I will be sending something your way for Christmas soon. Miss you guys a ton! Max and I are spending Christmas Day and 2 days after with Brock & Kanako. Love to you both!

  3. OH! They're fantastic! I'm so pleased! I've been thinking about you alot, and hope things are good over in Berlin, I want to come visit!

  4. Aw thanks for the love everyone!

    Shelley, thanks for the link! She's got some great stuff on her blog.

    Kelly, I'm so jealous of your holiday plans. Have fun and give everyone big hugs for us!

  5. very lovely knits, curious to see how the little pants looks like, have a nic day .