A day for...

I was surprised today at having my schedule suddenly cleared and have decided to take a day to do some things for myself. I am happy to report that it is beautiful out today, unlike yesterday. I shouldn't complain too much about the rain though. It gives me a reason to stay inside and get cozy.

I'm going to work on finishing up a project (see above) that I started working on in August. And I might even go out and buy some new plants for our space. You can view one of my unfortunate victims above. If I'm super ambitious I might even get some fall gardening done. Our window boxes have suffered greatly over the busy summer and were often forgotten. Later on I might sit down with a movie and get some more of my knitting done.

What I really need to do though is take a trip to either this or this shoe store and buy some new fall shoes for myself. I think that this will be the top priority of the day.

Happy weekend.

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