It's arrived.

Ho hum. I'm bumming around the house today trying to stir up some motivation. To do what? Anything. Stuff that should get done when one has a day free to do anything one desires. I've found myself drinking copious amounts of tea and knitting for the past few hours. I've also been looking through my brand new issue of Lines and Shapes which arrived yesterday. One of my favourite artists in the edition is Takashi Iwasaki, who surprisingly enough lives in Winnipeg. I love that he works with so much colour... and embroidery!!

Over the past months we've been trying to introduce a bit more colour into our daily lives. Or at least into our apartment. It is a slow work in progress.

Tonight M. is having his ritual bi-weekly film night... Soiree Noire. We're screening Orson Welles', A Touch of Evil and I'm baking an apple pie. Off to the supermarket.

Happy Wednesday.

Ps. friends of ours in Vancouver announced the birth of their healthy little boy a few days ago!! Congratulations Adam and Leanne. If you're reading this... I can't wait to see some photos!

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