So we've had a few grey days in a row and it's starting to wear on me. I don't mind them once in awhile, it gives me a chance to get all cozy indoors, but today I just need sunlight. On the bright side, i have no reason to go out today and can concentrate on German. Ah how I've neglected the German lately. Above is some proof that I'm getting down to business.

Nothing much else to report on here except, we might go and see Bat for Lashes next week at Postbahnhof. I haven't been into going to shows too much here because they are often in huge venues. I miss the little guys of Toronto... maybe the problem is not with the venues but the bands that I am going to see. hm. I'm thinking of going to see the Nan Goldin and Robert Frank exhibitions at C/O this weekend. But dread the weekend crowds... maybe tomorrow morning!

Also thinking about doing a Berlin underground tour. But haven't done any research yet... have heard that there are still intact underground mail delivery systems in the city. Hopefully I'll be able to dig something up on that!

Happy Thursday.

Ps. The apple pie was a success but the light in our apartment was too crappy to document said success. We'll be going apple picking this weekend so hopefully there will be many more chances. Hello baking season!

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