Fall activities.

It's sick time again. Luckily my week isn't so packed with things to do. I've been lazing around the house today knitting, reading and napping. I think this is the perfect way to cure a cold.

We had a lovely weekend and finally ended up going apple picking. We loaded up a van full of friends and drove the gang here... just north of Potsdam and about 40 minutes outside of Berlin. It was just really nice to get out of the city for a couple of hours. And I have tons of apples that I'm going to whip into apple sauce and apple butter. mmmmmm.

I'm resting up today so that I can go and see Wendy and Lucy tonight at FSK. I've been wanting to see this film for awhile now and it has finally been released in Germany.

I've also started taking advantage of the Staatsbibliothek in Berlin. It is an enormous library of spacious modernist architecture. I tried to find some good photos to post, but have not had much luck. It feels good just to set foot in this place. I've also come across a few great books... one of which is on Josef and Anni Albers of the Bauhaus movement. Over the past year I've seen a few of Anni Albers weaving projects and keep falling in love over and over. I think that this means I should start experimenting with some weaving of my own. We'll see about that. Until then I'll just pour over books of her work!

Happy Tuesday.

Ps. Yes, that is our friend Justin climbing trees for apples.


  1. I still think the best äpfel were at the top. Our perfect äpfel will be made into crumble, the crumbliest...

  2. That's because they had a smaller chance of getting pooped on by perching birdies. Let us know how the crumble crumbles.