Weekend of breakfast.

The weather in Berlin was amazingly warm this weekend. Maybe I'm exaggerating a little bit, but I'm used to the long Canadian winters. I haven't worn my heavy winter jacket since last Thursday. I'd say it's spring. Minus the sun of course. The sky has been alternating between blue, and grey clouds. I don't mind though. At least it's not snowing!

a sure sign that spring is here.

The weekend was busy busy. I went to the Turkish market on Maybach Ufer to meet some friends, and ended up running into some more. Went to an opening party at Kunst-Werke where we met a friend and ran off for some japanese noodles at coccolo.

Saturday and Sunday were museum days... I saw both the Walton Ford exhibition and the George Grosz exhibition again. Then just rode my bike around and took some pictures of my route along the way.

On my way home from Hamburger Bahnhof

Last night we had a spontaneous dinner with friends in Kreuzberg at a beautiful french restaurant. Even the server was lovely to look at and oh so nice. It's sad that I don't know the name of the restaurant and didn't bother to bring a camera. Maybe in future posts. If you're interested I know that the address is roughly here.

Happy Monday.

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