textile mania.

It's been a week of sleeping in late... and then sleeping some more. I've been home from work with bronchitis the entire week. Hopefully I've had my fill of sickness this year. It's starting to feel like a bad joke.

With all the extra time I've had this week to think, I've been daydreaming about things that I'd like to start working on... as soon as my health returns. I've also been getting a little embroidery practice in.

Spending almost an entire week in the apartment I was starting to climb the walls. So yesterday we braved the elements and went over the Kunst-werke to see the Owen Land exhibition on it's closing day. I think it was a good call health-wise. Even though I'm not such a big fan of his older work, the Dialogues series was pretty funny.

I also picked up this book on weaver Gunta Stölzl. I'm super excited to dig into it, and I decided to challenge myself and bought it in German. It may take me a little longer than usual to read. For me she is one of the most inspiring bauhaus weavers, though I am also smitten with Anni Albers work, Gunta Stölzl's enourmous and intricate pieces at the Modell Bauhaus exhibition just blew me away. I would really like to learn more about both of these ladies. Unfortunately the stacks are closed at the State Library here due to an asbestos problem so I'll have to suffice with my beautiful new book.

I've even started working on a Gunta Stölzl inspired embroidery piece.

Some nice blogs from Berlin that I've been reading this week... Ninon, The making of eden, and aitch.

I also came across dottie angel last week and was impressed with her undertaking of only buying second hand items or making things for herself for an entire year. It reminds me of needled when I first came across her blog late 2008. I've been thinking of doing one of these personal challenges myself but haven't quite formulated what it will be.

Happy Sunday.

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  1. Hi,

    thanks for mentioning me! But there isn't much to read right now. I'm at the Berlinale and also caught Halsweh, coughing and a Schnupfen which comes with a deep red nose.
    The Bauhaus weaver sounds interesting. I think my next museums visit leads me to the Kunstgewerbe Museum at Kulturforum.