In the Mail.

It's constantly getting warmer in Berlin. The ice which has covered the streets for the past month or so is melting and everything is now covered in puddles. It's messy out there... but the fact that it's warming up makes it all seem so lovely.

We've gotten a few mentionable things in the mail recently. I ordered a www.sandrajuto.com/">Sandra Juto print and was super excited to receive it last week. If you don't know her already check out her beautiful www.sandrajuto.com/blog/">blog.

Oh and the stamps. Maybe I should have been a stamp collector. I still have some Dick Bruna stamps tucked away somewhere that I had bought while in Japan. Do you know www.miffy.com/">Miffy?

Today we got the latest Bile Noire, published by Atrabile, in the mail. It's a Swiss comic anthology that M. has been contributing to throughout the past 7 years.

We also got the latest Missy Magazine in the mail this week. It's a German language feminist pop culture magazine. I'm just starting to be able to dig into the articles without a dictionary by my side. I'm really looking forward to this issue.

Happy Tuesday. I hope the weather is lovely wherever you are.

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