Raining at Rocco's.

It's a beautiful/cloudy/blue skies day in berlin today. It can't seem to make up it's mind. We think that we're off to a BBQ tonight if the weather holds.

We've finally done a little reorganizing around here. I have some brand-spanking-new shelves in my office to keep me oh so extra organized. I hope that it stays that way.

On Monday we're off to Munich to check out Munich Fabric Start. I'm really excited about getting an invitation to the fair this year and can't wait to check out all the new things that will be offered in the world of fabric and notions next year!! I'm also really excited about seeing some of Munich... I was there back in 2000 for a whirlwind trip of Europe and barely saw the place.

After the trade fair we're off to Liechtenstein for a glorious weekend. While we're there there is supposedly a large wine festival going on in the next village from M.'s family... so we're naturally going to take part! We're also going to this place for some HUGE schnitzel. I couldn't resist eating dinner in a castle.

Last night we went out for dinner with friends to Rocco und seine Brüder. It was great... and they have a lot of outdoor seating. But be careful... there is a lady who waters her flowers from a balcony above while everyone is eating. A few of us ended up getting a bit wet. The table next to us got it much worse.

Happy Saturday.


  1. nice photo of your tongue on that grey pattern background!

  2. thanks charles. that one was just for you!