....bbbbbbirthday out.

So here's the report from my surprise birthday event for m. We had a pretty relaxing day lying around in Tiergarten and Volkspark Friedrichshain. I've been meaning to do this all summer and can't believe how hard it has been to schedule it in. Jeesh. We accidentally found public tennis courts and will now have to dust off the tennis outfits I made for us last summer. We had originally thought that the public ping pong tables of Berlin were the equivalent of the public tennis courts of Toronto... and that it would be impossible for us to play tennis unless we bought an expensive club membership.

For lunch I took M. to one of our favourite Austrian restaurants in the city, Sarah Wiener. One of the things that I really love about this place is the beautiful room that the restaurant is housed in inside of the Hamburger Bahnhof. It's a place that makes you want to order a coffee, sit back, and read for hours... and in the middle of the day it's pretty peaceful.

In the evening I surprised M. by taking him to the Freiluftkino Friedrichshain to see Alle Anderen. It's a Geman movie so I was a little nervous thinking that I wasn't going to understand everything but to my surprise I kept up. More German films it is! It was pretty fun and well worth seeing. We need to be taking advantage of these Freiluftkinos for the rest of the summer... Berlin has so many, it's incredible.

That was pretty much it... all in all it was a really nice day.

It's been a couple of crazy movie weeks for us. Yesterday we went to see Inglorious Basterds, which was really funny but also includes a little of that Quentin Tarantino gore that everyone loves. In the past couple of years I've really started to respect Brad Pitt as an actor. He's been pretty versatile in his rolls.

We decided to go out for dinner after getting our movie tickets to waste some time before the film started... I wanted to go for Japanese food as always but M. ended up taking me here instead. All I can say is that it the evening was a true north american experience. When we came out of the movies it even smelled like an evening at home in late summer... reminded me of cottage country. How? I don't know.

Tonight I'm going to try and bake this yummy pie.

Happy Sunday.