lazy lazy...

... that's what I've been lately. Or maybe I just have too much on my plate right now. I really need to post some new stuff in my shops, as I promised I would do so weekly but first I wanna talk a bit about what's been going on here. Here are some photos from around our neighbourhood and some wonky strawberries.

M. and I have been doing a little bit of collaboration in an artistic way. We've successfully gotten ourselves on a weekly collaboration schedule so we'll be building yet another bloggy blog to show you what we've been making. More to come on that soon.

I think that we're finally back into a routine after our summer of visitors. I've just gotten back into going to yoga classes regularly, and have just started at a new yoga studio which seems very nice so far. It's right beside this little fabric shop that I love which will probably be dangerous in the long run, but... oh well!

I also got a little ping pong in this week with some friends. Hopefully we'll be able to step it up before ping pong season is over. If you're into playing give me a shout!

Tonight we're going to an opening at pool gallery... and maybe we'll stop by Kunst-Werke as well. If you're in Berlin and have nothing to do tonight give us a shout and come with!!

Happy Thursday!

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