It was a nice day.

happy day. Yesterday was M's birthday and for some reason he decided to make a huge surprise date for me. Crazy yes... but not so crazy. My birthday is tomorrow so we're just swapping days. I get to plan something for him tomorrow. So here's the run-down of what we did.

First we went to Bongout Gallery on Torstr. to see the Blexbolex show... it is only up until today so if you're reading this GO. I found his book Leute/L'Imagier des Gens last fall at a book fair and fell in love.

Then we went out for a Japanese noodle dinner to Cocolo in Mitte. It is super small but the food is oh so good... and there is a crazy selection of magazines to read while you're slurping!

After that we had a little German/English session with our new friend Sven... and learned that he has some fun projects on the go with his collective NEPOMUK. I want to buy the first book on this page.

To end the evening off M. wanted to surprise me with a concert... and leading up to it I had no idea what band we were going to see. I managed to only figure out who the band was once they went on stage (i was going along with the whole game and purposely looked away from the merch table)... it was Beirut. We saw them play a great show at Astra Kulturhaus in Friedrichshain... it was crazy packed though. A little too packed for my liking but it added to the energy of the show. Sorry if you were one of the people that I told off for trying to squeeze into the tiny space in front of me... I'm too old and have no patience for these sorts of things. In great news though... I only told people off in German and they seemed to have understood. I see some progress here!

Sorry for all the babble... have a fun Wednesday!

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