It's movie time!

In fun news, we went to see Public Enemies the other night. I loved it and won't say anything more about it except... you should see it. I kept getting it confused with Public Enemy No. 1 a french film which I also really want to see. I'm wondering if the only reason why the Michael Mann film wasn't called Public Enemy No. 1, has something to do with the french film. I think that it would have been a more fitting title. Any thoughts?

This weekend we are going to take it easy in Berlin. It feels like a long time since we've been able to just chill out at home. I'm looking forward to it! Bergmann Straße is decorated with colourful bunting down the entire street! The summer feeling is full blown right now during the day... but at night it's a different story. The nights are getting pretty chilly.

Oh, I totally forgot to post that we went to the Baltic Sea last weekend with some friends. It was super relaxing and totally beautiful! I'll post some of those photos tomorrow and over the weekend!

Happy Thursday!

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