I have lots of new time on my hands this summer. It is in many ways pretty great. I have tons of time for cooking, planning, shopping. I haven't been much of a cook over the years. When you've always lived in a city where eating out is pretty inexpensive it is very easy to become lazy and say... aw let's go out tonight. Despite the heat, which seems to be subsiding, we've been cooking consistently. I can't say that they're all great meals, but this week they will be!

Yesterday morning I planned out a few meals and then went to the Turkish market in the afternoon. For dinner I ended up cooking the above Aubergine recipe with the help of some lovely friends, and it was to die for. I couldn't believe that I took part in making something so tasty. Today I'm going to tackle the Provincial Potatoes dish.

This evening we're cheating a bit and we'll be heading off to one of my favourite beer gardens for dinner. We have some guests coming in for a few days and another friend in town who is leaving tomorrow. So it's just one of those occasions for going out and seeing the town!

Happy Wednesday. I hope it's cooling off wherever you are.

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