a lovely gift.

Awhile back we did our very first giveaway for the Etsy Germany Streetteam, a group of Etsy sellers that are living in Germany and other German speaking countries like Austria and Switzerland. And Regine of Karla A was gracious enough to be our very first sponsor. Well... when I went to check the mail the other day I found these beautifully handspun skein's of yarn waiting for me. Regine you are the sweetest! Thank you so much. I can't wait to start a project with your beautiful yarn!! I'm thinking of adapting the pattern below to make a lacier looking version of this shawl.

In other news I've been cooking up a storm. One of our main sources for foolproof recipes is food gawker. Last weekend I went to visit my friend Ninon and her friend Le Raclet at the Nowkölln Fleamarket on Maybach Ufer. It was a pretty nice market with a good mix of handmade and used stuff... good prices. Check it out if you are in Berlin on the 3rd Sunday of the Month!

Happy Wednsday.

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