We've been adjusting to some major lifestyle changes around here. It's been tough... but I'm starting to see the positive aspects. The heat has also been keeping us inside our "somewhat cooler than outside" apartment. Last summer Berlin was pretty cool and rainy so we were very ill prepared for this heatwave. I've also been a little stubborn and have decided that it's not worth it to buy a fan. As soon as we do I'm sure the heatwave will be over.

A couple of weeks ago I ordered a new pair of glasses. I've decided to go the frameless route. After years of wearing glasses with chunky thick plastic frames I felt like it was time for a change in this department. Every time I look in the mirror wearing the new glasses I feel like I'm channeling my grandmother. Sweet but strange.

My number one way of beating the heat?? Eating lots of fruit and salads, and drinking way too much homemade iced tea. I must thank my old and dear employers (here and here) in Toronto for teaching me their homemade iced tea secrets!

It's fashion week in Berlin and although I have no energy to even think about which interesting events I can go to, I will be stopping by Wedding Dress today to check out the wares and to visit two lovely ladies Mon Bibi and Anna.

Happy Sunday.

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