We have had a visitor this past week. Not a real visitor from out of town. A friend of ours in Berlin has been borrowing my workspace this week. It's been nice to have an extra body around buzzing away on my sewing machines. I'm hoping that it draws some inspiration out of me!

My friend Christiane gave me this book earlier this week as an early early birthday present. I think we're on the same wavelength. Sometimes I need the pull of quick and easy projects to get me back on that sewing horse.

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This is exactly how I've been feeling in this heatwave.


  1. Aw, kitty! Your steak pincushion is hilarious.

  2. oh! I must get that book. We're having a heat wave here too. I almost broke down and bought A/C last week. It's hard to be strong...

  3. Hi Anabela, I know the steak is pretty funny. I wish I knew the name of the girl who made it. I actually bought it at crafty sale years ago at Sneaky Dee's!

    Hey M!! Get that book... it's really lovely. And it might help you keep your mind off the heat. Be strong with the A/C k? I have a feeling the heat wave will break soon!! Oh and thanks for your lovely thank you card. I've been so out of it I forgot to write back. Hopefully we'll be seeing you in the new year!

    a. xo