Hello again.

Random photos in and around Toronto.

I have been avoiding blogland for a while. This is in part because I hadn't taken many photos over the holidays, and since we've been back I've had a mountain of things to tackle and haven't really wanted to do any of them.

We are officially back in Berlin, and it feels really good. It was amazing being in Canada and visiting family and all of our wonderful friends. I really missed everyone so much and already do again. Why don't you all move to Berlin? I am so happy to be back in our space with our kitty and have big plans to get productive this year.

Over the weekend we tackled the crowds at Frankfurt airport and fought to get a flight back to Berlin. In the process our luggage was lost but then promptly returned to us the day after our arrival. In all the chaos I was so surprised by how calm everyone was being.

So coming up in the next few weeks in Berlin...

Bread and Butter
The XX
Berlinale (Film Fest)

I've also been wanting to go to the Carl Gustav Carus exhibition at the Alte National Gallerie but just found out that it closed last weekend. I need to stop putting off museum trips. At least this Carl Blechen show is coming up on the January 29th.

I'll also be working on some new designs for the fabric that I've been printing and want to make some products other than scarfs. Stay tuned.

Now if only we could stop waking up at 4am like reasonable people. We're just waiting for this jet lag to pass.

Happy Wednesday.

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