Gloomy day.

Our lovely and talented friend Heather gave us this Mammal while we were in Toronto over the holidays. It was an unusable piece for an installation that she did... but we love it with all it's flaws.

It's been a slow day around here. Berlin supposedly hasn't seen the sun in about 10 days. I think we're ready for a return. I was once again shockingly sick this weekend but managed to recover in a day. I think it was a combination of jet lag and being totally busy this week that weakened my immune system.

So... I managed to get in a little bit of relaxing this weekend. We met some friends for coffee at WAU yesterday, then headed over to the Thomas Demand show at the Neue Nationalgalerie. I just love being in this beautiful Mies van der Rohe building. I actually didn't go to the show and sat in the café reading because I forgot my pass... and had already seen the show. Then we went to Felix Austria on Bergmannstr. for some great food. That place never disappoints.

On a more serious note... after reading tons of stuff in blogland about Haiti, we've donated to an organization that is helping out. I feel pretty helpless just sending money out to organizations that do work down there. You just hope that your money is actually helping. That's all you can do right? I guess unless you actually work for one of the organizations that are working hand's on with the effort. If you feel like donating here is are a few organizations and helpful links.

red cross

doctors without borders

terre des hommes

architecture for humanity

If you are in Germany you can go to the ARD or ZDF websites for lists of organizations that you can donate to.

If you are in Canada you can go to CBC to find out ways you can donate.

Happy Sunday.


  1. The mammal looks pretty darn perfect from here!

  2. hello, thank you so much amanda for your nice words on my blog! me too I am starting to feel quite bored by the greyness of the last 10 days...always the same light... but you know it's going to change "soon", and the spring in Berlin is really really magic (mostly because so longed for...;)
    we should treasure these gloomy days for making our stuff, 'cause once the sun is back there wont be anybody able to keep me inside sewing, I've already experienced it last spring!
    can't wait to see what you are working on :)

  3. hey amanda, i'm at work and enjoy reading your blog. let's have a coffee as soon as you have time.xx

  4. oh and I'm wearing your t-shirt today. love it!