Yeah for surprises in the mail. Yesterday a lovely little package from my friend Gemma arrived. She's been experimenting with embroidery lately and has had a love for jewelery making for years, and has recently decided to combine the two. I was so excited to see this beautifully embroidered necklace when I opened up the package! Thanks Gemma I don't ever want to take it off!

In other news we went to see A Single Man last night. It completely swept me away into another world. What a beautiful film.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Jealous! Gemma, if you're reading this, when are they available to the general public???

  2. Thanks Amanda, thats so cool. I am so glad you like it.

  3. Like it? That's an understatement... I'm still wearing it!

  4. wowee. this necklace is incredible. love the embroidery and the triangles!