Shoes, oh how I love thee.

Since the weather is getting warmer I've been in a bit of a shopping mood. Last week I managed to buy a new pair of sandals to update my wardrobe. I think that I spent too much money on them but am convinced that I will have them for years to come. Actually I often spend what most would consider to be "too much money" on shoes. I think it is important to invest in quality objects in this area, plus I am the queen of taking care of my shoes and still have a few pairs that I bought at the end of the 90's... and wear regularly.

So here is a photo list of all of my summery summer shoes purchased over the years. I'm wondering if most people update their seasonal shoe wardrobe yearly or keep old favourites throughout the years. I guess I do a bit of both.

Pantanetti for Ricardo Cartillone (bought in 2010)

APC (bought in 2008)

APC (bought in 2009)

Birkenstock (bought in 2002)

Camper (bought in 2009)

Tonight I'm heading out to see Wooden Veil play a show at Kim and Gallery Weekend Berlin kicks off today. Nothing better than 40 openings in one weekend!

Sandra Juto had a cute post yesterday that really brightened my day.

Happy Friday.


  1. i do too! and in nice bags... oh and jeans. but that's all. i have items in my closet that date back to high school, which, maybe isn't a great thing, i can't help myself!

    i am loving this blog, it's in my tops faves these days! i can't wait to be done with all this madness and set aside some time for myself to write one again (and to be my best friend too. i loved that link, thank you!)

    xoxo have a great weekend!!

  2. aw... super sweet to hear from you here! I also can't wait till you get up and running in blogland! Good luck with all your business and remember to have tons of fun!! I'll be looking for some photos! a. xo