Back at it. I think.

Ach! Many apologies for my long long long absence. Things were pretty crazy around our place for the past couple of weeks. We had a visitor for a couple of weeks and then our place was bombarded by poor stranded air travel passengers that needed a floor to sleep on. My schedule is getting busier, the sun is staying in the sky longer and all of this has contributed to me playing catch-up for the past three weeks. Oh and last weekend I went to visit some lovely friends in Karlsruhe.

So here's to a short and sweet update! The weather has been beautiful in Berlin... just like summertime. Last weekend in Karlsruhe I ended up going to the media museum ZKM to see an exhibition of symmetrical art from Hungary. ZKM had such a vast array of interactive pieces on view. There was so much that I only got around to seeing about half of what was actually there. We also spent a day in Baden-Baden where I experienced playing Roulette at a casino for the first time, and even won a pretty penny to take home! The casino was quite beautiful and reminded me of something out of the past. Afterwards we spent a couple of hours in a thermal bath (with saunas) nearby. I have since then made a vow to treat myself to a thermal bath once a month. We took a hike to check out some castle ruins and even spent some time in Cafe Brenner, an old school cafe with doily table cloths that has been around since 1896.

There are a couple of things in Berlin that I plan on checking out soon, namely the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at Martin Gropius Bau, Modern Times at New National Gallery and Gallery Weekend Berlin which is this weekend.

Plus... we're off to a wedding in Switzerland in May and I've been in the process of making a dress for it. I need little challenges like this to get some regular sewing in. Stay tuned for some photos in the next weeks. I'm in the process of making my demo dress out of some old Virginia Johnson fabric that I bought on sale a couple of years ago in Toronto. Oh how I love that little shop.

Happy Thursday.

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