Catching up.

Walking around Feldkirch, Austria.

Schattenburg Castle in Feldkirch, Austria.

In Malbun, Liechtenstein.

The Liechtenstien Parliament Building.

Sorry for the long silence. Our lovely friend Niki has been visiting from Canada, so it has been hard for me to even look at the computer. Plus I've been working extra hours... and we just got back from an Easter weekend getaway in Liechtenstein where we hopped over to Feldkirch in Austria for a slight change of scenery. Feldkirch is quite beautiful but my favourite part of our adventure there was eating dinner in the Schattenburg castle which was built in the 1200's. We also spent an afternoon in Malbun, Liechtenstein eating cake and taking in the scenery. Oh that cake. I probably put on 10 lbs this weekend alone.

There are lots of exhibitions on my wishlist this week... like the Mark Brandenburg show at CFA, and the Carl Blechen show at the Alte National Gallerie. I would also like to get to the Bauhaus archive to see the exhibition on japanese design.

Last week I saw Berlin. Symphony of a Great City at Arsenal about Berlin before the second world war. It was pretty amazing seeing the city in the late 1920's untouched in all of its glory. The best part was the live piano accompaniment.

Happy Monday.

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