Oh beautiful day.

It's a lovely sunny day in Berlin. No sign of volcano ash anywhere... or clouds for that matter. I've been working hard this week getting ready for Trendmafia on Saturday. I've been bogged down working on some projects just for myself though and have not made that much progress for the market. Plus it makes it hard to stay inside when it's so nice outside.

I have time for a quick break this afternoon and will be joining teams of others to go and hang out in the sun somewhere... maybe get some sewing done, before heading back to work. Yesterday I baked some cookies to go with our coffee for an afternoon break. They're from my Grandma's special recipe.

Here's a sneak peak of the dress that I'm working on right now. I found the buttons at Paul Knopf... a gem in the middle of Berlin, he sells an amazing selection of vintage buttons. I could waste hours there.

Happy Wednesday.


  1. 1. Grandma's cookies are always delicious.
    2. I love the fabric for your dress!
    3. That's a great throw in the top picture.

  2. I love that you've posted a list here! They are always welcome. Here's a response list.

    1. Grandma's cookies are raisin cookies... and were delicious, and only took 30 minutes to bake from start to finish, but weren't as soft the day after.
    2. The fabric is from Virginia Johnson. She has a tiny shop in Toronto on Ossington and sometimes has her fabrics on sale for half price.
    3. It's funny, that throw is from Ikea! I've had it for years and love it too. I also find it funny when I visit friends and find that they have it as well! ha!