Sewing action.

Just getting over being sick and exhausted this past week. This tricky weather has really done me in. It's been a long weekend here in Germany. I've had 4 glorious days off and had hoped to tackle a million things on my to do list. I've got a few done but not nearly enough.

Dress update... I had decided that the yellow dress I've been working on for the upcoming wedding isn't suitable. It'll be a great summer dress but I think it's a bit too casual. Instead I decided to make a dress out of the newest issue of CUT magazine... it was a top but I adjusted the pattern a little. I couldn't find fabric that I liked so I dyed some natural cotton that I had lying around.

Ignore the slip action in the last photo and the fact that I look downright sad. I ended up buying a new one yesterday at good ol' American Apparel. But am still undecided as to whether or not I should wear the belt or go free and flowing. Also M. is giving me an experimental haircut tonight... my hairdresser has been in the process of setting up his own shop and I have to wait until possibly the end of June for an appointment. Waaaa.

In news from last week, M. screened a film on Wednesday, The Face of Another, a 1966 Japanese film. I would highly recommend it. We were invited by Henrik and Brooke to a yummy home cooked, made from scratch spaetzle dinner on Thursday. Mmmmmm. I somehow talked everyone into playing Tabu (in German). And on Friday we were invited to another dinner at my friend Gigi's! She made fresh pasta by hand! We've been spoiled.

I'm heading out the door to see the Olafur Eliasson show at Martin Gropius Bau. And will also try to see Modern Times at the New National Gallery.

Happy Sunday.


  1. Belt! Will these be for sale in the shop????

  2. Thanks for the input. Wasn't sure if the belted dress looked too puffy or not.

    I won't be selling the dresses but if you're interested I can definitely whip something up for you... for the cost of the fabric only! Just let me know!